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six day war wikipedia - six day war part of the arab israeli conflict territory held by israel before and after the six day war the straits of tiran are circled between the gulf of aqaba to the north and the red sea to the south, hizb ut tahrir wikipedia - hizb ut tahrir arabic translation party of liberation is an international pan islamist political organisation which describes its ideology as islam and its aim as the re establishment of the islamic khilafah to resume the islamic way of life in the muslim world the caliphate would unite the muslim community upon their islamic creed and implement the shariah, the deep roots of anti semitism in european society - jewish political studies review 17 1 2 spring 2005 the deep roots of anti semitism in european society 1 manfred gerstenfeld the resurgence of european anti semitism after the holocaust suggests that it has deep roots in society, renegade inc for those who think differently - much has been made of britain s current account deficit which is the amount by which our imports of goods and services exceed our exports it is a situation that protectionists would love to do something about such as resorting to tariffs in order to redress the gap